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Bosch Luys Kloof Activities

Only available to guests residing at Bosch Luys Kloof

Nature Drives

Adventure 4x4 routes

With various nature drives that includes our Big Five look out points and cover many kilometers, Bosch Luys Kloof offers guests the excitement of discovering special Karoo plants and enjoy beautiful vistas, endemic game and a diversity of bird species. Nature drives are enjoyed in open Land Rovers and usually takes 2.5 hours.

It includes some interesting historical routes that tell stories of times long past. A short climb to a cave with San rock art can also be visited en-route.

Nature Walks & Hikes

Guided walks

Our 10 hiking trails were carefully developed over a 10 year span. They cover a substantial part of the reserve and most of the different vegetation areas, landscapes, kloofs and hills, etc.

The routes differ in grading and can take from 2 to 4.5 hours to complete.

You can however also talk to us about easy walk-abouts that you can do on your own.

Full details of every hike is contained in our KAROMINO SECTION.

  Name Distance Grading*
1 Bosluiskloof Pass 9.0 km 5
2 To Moer & Gone 9.3 km 8
3 To Hell & Gone 21.0 km 5
4 Con se pad 6.2 km 3
5 Oxwagon Route 11.9 km 7
6 Dwijka Trail 11.5 km 8
7 Langerug Route 7.1 km 6
8 Shepherd's Trail 12 km 6
9 Rooderand Trail 4.7 km 5
10 Historic Route 9 km (plus?) 2

*Out of 10

Hiking in the Karoo

To Hell and Gone 4x4 route

Taking on a 4x4 route
Taking on a 4x4 route
Taking on a 4x4 route

The To Hell and Gone 4x4 route follows a trail historically used by the inhabitants of the isolated Gamkaskloof. It covers much of the southern end of the reserve, starting close to the top of the Bosch Luys Kloof pass and traversing the Hartmansberg for some 11km’s to end at a majestic viewpoint atop ‘Die Leer’ overlooking the historic valley of ‘Die Hel’ (Gamkaskloof). It offers beautiful views of the northern face of the Swartberg mountain range.

Graded 3 of 5, this route requires 4x4 capable vehicles with good ground clearance, low range and central differential lock. No fires are permitted, and guests are kindly requested to stick to the jeep track only.

The charge for guests of the reserve is R 250 per vehicle.

After careful consideration we have decided to close our Shepherds Trail and Wagon Route 4x4 tracks to vehicles. Guests are still welcome to explore these beautiful parts of the reserve on foot as the routes are still open as hiking trails.

Mountain Biking and Trail Running

Mountain biking is becoming a firm favourite at Bosch Luys Kloof

Our guests can also enjoy the beauty of Bosch Luys Kloof on a Mountain bike ride. Bring your own bike - and all you may need - and discover the unique Karoo landscapes and vistas.
The reserve is growing in popularity with riders. Riders enjoy the safety of private roads and tracks. Extreme riders challenge our 4x4 routes with great excitement.
Same with trail runners. We are planning the extension and improvement of the Jeep and single tracks.

Trail running at Bosch Luys Kloof
Trail running at Bosch Luys Kloof


From the stoep of the lodge or the decks or stoeps of their chalets guests can explore the Southern night skies, enjoying the constellations and examining the stars with only the help of a pair of binoculars. Bosch Luys Kloof is far from any air pollution and city lights that could spoil a stargazing experience. The number of clear sky nights on the Reserve is by far in the majority.

Spiritual experiences

A visit to Bosch Luys Kloof takes you out of the hustle & bustle of the city life. The reserve situated at the end of a cul de sac, also offers complete peace & quiet if that is what you seek. Our lack of cellphone connectivity is a bonus! Sound travels far in these quiet surroundings and guests do not want to hear other’s conversations.
To enjoy the stillness opens your mind to the inner self and spiritual growth.
To enhance this experience we have developed two special experiences.

The spiritual walkway

This is short walk up a hillside beyond the chalets that will take you through six stages of a universal prayer. You end up overlooking the valley and can ponder there for a while with your own thoughts. The guiding map is at our reception. A great start to a new day.

The petite chatres labyrinth

The little labyrinth is close to the lodge as well. The design is some 800 years old, originating in France. It comprises 7 circles.
The four elements - east, north, west & south – are aimed at elevating your awareness of Excitement, Inspiration, Joy & Contentment …in that order.
An explanatory leaflet is at our reception.


The peaceful atmosphere of the Lodge, chalets, enjoyable nature drives, bar deck with views over the bush and mountains, cool water of the swimming pool, excellent cuisine and wine will make you relax completely. Doing nothing is an option well entertained!

Big Five Lookout Points

Children enjoying the view

Visit Bosch Luys Kloof and experience our unique Big Five…something very few people experienced before! Depending on the length of your visit you can visit one or more while you enjoy your nature drive.

We have carefully selected the top five lookout points on the Reserve to compile Bosch Luys Kloof’s Big Five. Every look out point is unique with a charm of its own. The views are really special and will imprint images in your mind that will linger on for long after your visit!

Things to do in the vicinity of Bosch Luys Kloof

During your stay you can explore some interesting Passes, Kloofs and scenic routes. Seweweekspoort and Huisrivier Pass both hold beautiful geological secrets and Route 62 offers a variety of road stalls, restaurants and bars. Discover our local towns and villages and experience true Karoo hospitality and warmth. Ladismith offers excellent local wines and cheese and Calitzdorp is well known as the Port Capital. You can also learn more about the old Mission Station and Lutheran Church at Amalienstein or about the agriculture activities in the local Vleiland area where farmers produce fruit, lucerne, vegetable seeds and livestock like sheep and ostriches.

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